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LIPOcel Body Sculpting 101: Understanding How It Works

CoolShaping Device At Elite Body Contouring

Even with the healthiest diet and the most rigorous exercise routine, some pockets of fat just don’t seem to budge. While turning to liposuction was once the only cosmetic procedure available to permanently remove stubborn fat, non-invasive and innovative body sculpting treatments have taken the industry by storm — and are now the go-to alternative. Pain-free, risk-free and clinically proven to provide permanent, transformative results, treatments like LIPOcel body sculpting allow you to reap the benefits of fat reduction without going under the knife — let alone to endure anaesthetic, painful surgery, or an extensive recovery that requires downtime from your daily activities.

If you’re interested in learning more about body sculpting treatments and how they can slim, sculpt and tone your figure, read on for everything you need to know — so you can make an informed decision before you book your consultation with the team at Elite Body Contouring.

What does body sculpting do, and what is non-invasive body contouring

Made popular by A-list celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner family, LIPOcel body sculpting is a new and innovative treatment method that tones, contours and firms your bodily features, making it look as though you’ve spent hours in the gym.

Using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to deliver energy to 1.3cm under the skin, this treatment permanently destroys excess fat in small and large areas of the body while simultaneously tightening the surrounding area.

With a high-tech handpiece raised to over 70 degrees (the temperature needed to burn the subcutaneous fat) before the cooling cartridge is set to 5 degrees, the temperature change ensures the energy transfer of the ultrasound. Due to cellular disruption, fat cells are permanently destroyed in the targeted area while the thermal energy causes surrounding collagen to contract, eliciting a dual response of fat reduction and tissue tightening. These fat cells then crystalise and are naturally expelled by the body’s lymphatic draining system. While it’s similar to fat freezing technology, it’s by far the most comfortable treatment for sculpting and tightening skin.

With no adverse side effects, tenderness or damage to the surrounding skin, in most cases, patients will see a 5 to 15% reduction of fat with just one treatment — and you can treat multiple areas of the body in a single session! Whether you target your arms, upper stomach, inner thighs or bra rolls, you will continue to see transformational results that inch closer to your body goals over the course of 12 weeks.

Are body sculpting treatments safe? 

Unlike a surgical procedure that comes with a host of unwanted side effects, LIPOcel has been tested and certified to meet the strict guidelines of the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia. The LIPOcel system also conforms to essential thermal, electrical and electromagnetic specifications, meaning the device is safely aligned to stringent standards.

Whatever small or large area you wish to target, you can rest assured you’re in great hands when you visit an EBC clinic — our expert team of therapists are highly skilled and up to date with the latest technological advancements, so you can enjoy total peace of mind when you visit one of our locations.

Do body sculpting treatments work

Absolutely, we wouldn’t offer this high-tech treatment if clinical trials and scientific evidence didn’t support its efficacy. Plus, the LIPOcel reviews and a quick glance at before and after images prove that natural-looking body sculpting treatment results are guaranteed.

Still concerned? Here at EBC, we believe in transparency, so our therapists can meet with you to discuss your concerns, evaluate your body goals, and suggest whether LIPOcel body sculpting is right for you and your needs.

It’s important to note that while LIPOcel is highly effective at toning and firming your figure, it is suitable for those who have stubborn, subcutaneous fat deposits that won’t budge with diet and exercise alone — after all, this body sculpting option is not an obesity treatment and will never replace the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

Suitable for most men and women, the bodily areas we can target, treat and tighten with LIPOcel include:

  • Abdomen and hips — including upper and lower stomach and love handles
  • Thighs and buttocks — including the knees and inner, rear and outer thighs
  • Arms, chest and back — Armpit fat, bra rolls, and chest (males only)

How many LIPOcel treatments will I need? 

At EBC, we understand that every type of body and everybody is unique. That’s why we urge all our clients to visit us for a free consultation, so we can assess your individual body goals and recommend the ideal number of sessions required. To give you a rough estimate, we usually recommend our patients undergo two to four body sculpting treatments spaced four weeks apart.


Transform your figure with a LIPOcel treatment at EBC today

Now that we’ve answered questions like ‘What does body sculpting do?’ and ‘Do body sculpting treatments work?’, it’s time to book your LIPOcel body sculpting consultation with the team at Elite Body Contouring today!

Whether you’re hoping to tone, tighten and remove stubborn fat from your stomach, love handles, bra rolls or outer and inner thighs, we guarantee natural-looking, permanent results that will boost your self-esteem — and have you feeling and looking your best.

Looking for more non-invasive, non-surgical and pain-free treatment options to give you another boost of confidence? Why not try our fat freezing or RF fat melting treatments today? If you’d like further information or have any concerns about our treatments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of body sculpting experts today.