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Treatment Contraindications

Contraindications to Treatment

Thank you for choosing Elite Body Contouring for your non-invasive body contouring and/or skin rejuvenation procedure. We can’t wait to welcome you into our clinics.

In order to maintain our high standards of results and safety, there are a few things we need to check with you first, before we proceed with your treatment.

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IMPORTANT: The below medical conditions are contraindications to our treatments, if you have any of the below or have questions regarding any of the below, please contact your nearest clinic. 

Pregnant, recently pregnant or breast feeding women or women who are actively trying to fall pregnant 

Cardio Problems, Heart Conditions

Patients with vascular diseases 

Coagulation disorders (Haemophilis) Blood Clots

Patients with pace makers or stents or any implant to do with the valves of the heart

Patients with thrombosis and/or thrombophlebitis

Patients being treated with anticoagulants / blood thinners

Skin Thinning/Sun Sensitive Medication

Patients who have undergone a transplant

Patients who have undergone a recent surgery (3-6 months post op depending on healing)

Patients with any open wounds

Infection or Skin Sensitivity in the area

Malfunctioning of the Kidneys / Kidney disease 

Malfunctioning of the Liver/ Liver disease 

Patients with cancer or a history of cancer

Carriers of large metal prostheses

Tendency to keloid scar tissue

Regular anti-inflammatory medication



Auto immune conditions

Certain medications (please see in clinic for more information)

Metal implants, screws etc on the area being treated 

Threads within 1 year 


Raynauds disease

Hernia (in the area wishing to be treated)


(In some cases, medical clearance from your Doctor in writing may be acceptable)

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Have a question?

Our friendly and qualified team are here to help you. Feel free to get in touch via email or by calling your nearest clinic:

Bondi Junction: 1300 10 10 56

Rosebery: 1300 10 10 55

Leichhardt: 1300 10 10 54

Rouse Hill: 1300 10 10 57


We look forward to welcoming you in to one of our clinics soon!