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Chin Freezing

Permanently reduce your double chin with the latest Fat Freezing technology.

A safe and gentle approach to reduce fat in the chin area. One of our most popular treatments in clinic.

The “double chin” can be caused by many factors including, lifestyle, genetics, ageing and excess skin.

At Elite Body Contouring, the double chin area is one of the most common concerns that we treat in our clinics.

Previously, surgery was the only option available to reduce a double chin, which could be a painful, expensive experience, requiring quite a bit of downtime. Chin Liposuction is no longer the only option.

In the recent years, fat dissolving injections have grown in popularity, however these injections do come with a little downtime, can be uncomfortable and cause 3-5 days swelling post treatment.

At Elite Body Contouring we offer a safe and gentle way to permanently reduce the double chin using advanced Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing technology.

Chin Freezing is a non-invasive procedure used to destroy stubborn fat cells that are deposited under the chin, you can finally say goodbye to that embarrassing double chin!

How? We use Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing technology with a smaller applicator that is specially designed for placement on the sensitive double chin area.

Chin Freezing is suitable for people who want to spot reduce the double chin area and do not wish to go under the knife. To be eligible for treatment, there must be a big enough pocket of fat. We offer every client a free assessment, prior to treatment to check treatment suitability.

At Elite Body contouring, we understand that double chins come in all different sizes, so the number of sessions required will vary from person to person.

Each session of chin freezing will permanently reduce 20-40% of the stubborn fat cells contained within the double chin area each session.

Sessions are spaced one month apart and we usually recommend between 2-4 sessions for best results

The following are some of the below benefits of Chin Freezing:


  • Permanently Reduce The Double Chin – Say goodbye to your double chin for good thanks to fat freezing.


  • Clinically Proven – We use TGA registered technology for our Chin Freezing treatments.


  • No Surgery – Chin Freezing is a cost effective way to reduce the double chin, saving you money and time.


  • No Downtime – You can go about your daily business immediately after having a chin freezing treatment. Minimal bruising may be experienced which is easily covered up with concealer and disappears within 3-5 days, however not all clients will experience bruising.


  • Walk in, walk out procedure – Treatments are quick and easy ranging from 30-45 minutes in duration and can even be completed in your lunch break

At Elite Body Contouring our non-surgical chin freezing treatment reduces that stubborn fat pocket situated right under the chin, using clinically proven Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing technology.

Fat Freezing works to cool the fat cells contained within the target area to -10 degrees, this process causes fat cells to crystallise and die. The dead fat cells are then flushed from the body naturally via the liver and lymphatic system over the next 2-3 months which is when you will start to see results.

Our specially designed chin applicator fits perfectly over the double chin to specifically target the fat in this area.

Is Chin Freezing safe?

Yes! Our Chin Freezing treatment is TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registered.


How many Chin Freezing treatments do I need?

We usually recommend between 2-4 sessions however this will depend on the size of the treatment area and the individuals concerns.


How long do the results last?

Chin Freezing is a permanent solution for fat reduction of the double chin area. Once the fat cells in the targeted area have been flushed out of the body, fat can no longer store in that area as the fat cells have been eliminated.


Does Chin Freezing hurt?

A little suction pressure and coldness will be felt initially as your skin adjusts to the applicator holding the deposit of fat into place. This feeling generally feels more comfortable as the treatment goes on as the area starts to go numb.

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Before & After

See below for before and after review photos of our clients in our clinics. To view more of our double chin reduction results click here.

Before and After Chin Freeze - man
Before and After Chin Freeze - female
Before and After Chin Freeze - female
Before and After Chin Freeze - man

Chin Freezing Pricing

Chin Fat Freezing
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Individual results may vary.