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Stubborn Fat

No matter how disciplined we are about diet and exercise, many of us can’t seem to reach the physique we desire. Stubborn fat that just won’t go away is often the culprit here. But stubborn belly fat or stubborn thigh fat doesn’t have to keep you from achieving your desired body goals. You can lose stubborn belly fat or fat pockets elsewhere on your body with the innovative, non-invasive treatments at Elite Body Contouring. And the best part is you’ll start to see results right away, with no downtime or lengthy recovery required after your treatment sessions.

The scale doesn’t always reflect your fat distribution

Have you ever lost weight according to the scale but still struggled to fit into your favourite jeans or look the way you want in a bikini? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’ve worked so hard to drop those kilos, yet your appearance isn’t where you think it should be. You can’t lose stubborn belly fat, or you’re still dealing with stubborn lower back fat or stubborn arm fat.

The reason for this issue is that the scale is not always an accurate reflection of how fat is distributed in your body. You can even be slender and have fat pockets that refuse to say goodbye.

Causes of stubborn fat

We’ve found that when it comes to dealing with stubborn belly fat, female clients have a tough time shedding those extra inches. Hormones, pregnancy, menopause, and the female predisposition to holding fat around the body’s midsection — including the hips and thighs — can make it challenging to eliminate stubborn fat. However, stubborn fat is a problem that plagues many men, too, especially around the side of the waist (AKA love handles).

Other reasons why fat persists in some areas include:

  • You’ve been focusing on spot exercising, which doesn’t reduce fat.
  • Your diet doesn’t result in a calorie deficit, where you’re eating less than what you burn energetically.
  • You’re building muscle through exercise, but you’re not burning the overlying fat, making it even more noticeable.
  • You’re genetically predisposed to holding fat in certain areas of the body.

Treatments that target stubborn belly fat and other fat pockets

If this sounds like your life, rest assured you’re not alone. And know that you don’t have to live with stubborn fat. The good news is that there are effective treatments that do not require you to undergo risky anaesthesia and a long recovery period. At Elite Body Contouring, we use a combination of innovative techniques to fight fat pockets, like stubborn outer thigh fat and stubborn lower belly fat. These methods can be used on both men and women with fantastic results.

Treating stubborn fat begins with an InBody 770 Body Composition Scan, which only takes 60 seconds. This evaluation tells us what the scale can’t: the percentage of bone, muscle, water, and fat in your body. This gives us a more accurate starting point and lets us work with you to set body goals using your fat-to-weight ratio, which is more effective than your weight or your body mass index (BMI).

Together, we create a plan to get rid of stubborn fat using any of our three primary treatments for fat reduction, alone or in combination.

LIPOcel non-surgical body sculpting

This is the latest advancement in permanent fat reduction and simultaneous skin tightening. It’s a favourite with our clients who have issues with cellulite too. It can be used on small and large areas of the body, and you’ll start to see results immediately after your first session.

CoolShaping cryolipolysis fat freezing

You may have heard of this method for permanent fat loss. Controlled cold temperatures are applied to regions of the body where stubborn fat is stored. The fat cells are killed, resulting in permanent fat elimination.

PowerShape RF body fat melting

This fat melting method harnesses radio frequency (RF) technology — a safe electrical current — to heat the treatment area and penetrate the skin. It’s particularly effective for working on small fat pockets that don’t respond to diet, exercise, or other treatments, such as back fat, bra rolls, areas of the thighs, and the chin and neck.

Stubborn fat doesn’t have to ruin your self-esteem or keep you from fitting into smaller clothes forever. When you book a free initial consultation at Elite Body Contouring, we can tailor a plan to help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat or stubborn thigh fat forever.

There’s a reason our clinic is one of ‘Sydney’s Most Trusted’ in Google reviews. Our experienced, highly qualified Therapists, innovative technology, and specialty in non-surgical solutions have made us extremely popular with our satisfied clients. Join the 40,000 people in the Sydney area who have had their bodies – and their lives – transformed by Elite Body Contouring. Reach out to schedule your first appointment today.


How can you lose stubborn stomach fat?

You can have stubborn stomach fat even if you’re slender, especially if you’re a woman. Spot exercises like crunches can’t eliminate stubborn stomach fat, and neither can losing weight.

Instead, you may need targeted fat-reducing technology, like the treatments offered at Elite Body Contouring, to eliminate those fat pockets. Our combination of LIPOcel non-surgical body sculpting, CoolShaping cryolipolysis fat freezing, and PowerShape RF body fat melting gives you the ability to permanently remove stubborn fat from your belly without surgery.

Why is some fat so stubborn?

There are lots of reasons why fat can be stubborn. Sometimes, your exercise or eating regimens are not burning the fat you want to eliminate. Other times, it’s your DNA — your genes that tell the body to hold onto fat in certain spots. Women have a tendency to accumulate fat around the middle of the body, such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. Hormones and pregnancy can reinforce this. And ageing for both men and women predisposes them to stubborn belly fat.

What treatments work best for stubborn fat pockets?

You can have surgery to remove stubborn fat pockets. But that method comes with a price. Surgery is expensive, and you must be under anaesthesia, which is a health risk for everyone. Afterwards, your activities are limited while you recover, which can take weeks and be quite painful.

A better solution is to use the non-invasive techniques offered by Elite Body Contouring: LIPOcel non-surgical body sculpting, CoolShaping cryolipolysis fat freezing, and PowerShape RF body fat melting. These treatments are safe, effective, fast, and in most cases will deliver permanent results! You will love the lasting results you get when your body is transformed!