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RF Fat Melting

What is RF Fat

Radio Frequency (RF) Fat Melting utilises an advanced combination of popular and proven technologies for targeted fat reduction, without any downtime.

Radio Frequency (RF) technology delivers a safe electrical current to the treatment area which penetrates the skin and heats the collagen-rich dermis to temperatures of above 60° C degrees in order to disrupt the fat cell membrane.

The technology itself works to shrink stubborn fat cells that just won’t shift regardless of diet and exercise, resulting in long term (but not necessarily permanent) fat reduction.

RF Fat Melting offers a safe, pain-free & low cost solution to helping you reduce specific areas of concern, such as the stomach, love handles, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

  • Walk-in & Walk Out

    RF Fat Melting is a quick and convenient treatment that can be completed in under an hour, without having to experience any downtime or recovery.

  • Safe & Clinically Proven

    Radio Frequency (RF) has been used for over +20 years & offers a clinically proven and safe way to tighten skin on the face or body without any surgery.

  • Relaxing & Painless

    RF treatments are one of the most relaxing non-surgical treatments available – often described as feeling similar to a warm stone massage.

  • Combination Benefits

    RF Fat Melting can also be incorporated into some of our cellulite reduction treatments to help flatten & melt stubborn fat cells & smooth skin texture.

Melt Away Stubborn Fat, with PowerShape™

Melt Away Stubborn Fat, to
with PowerShape™

At Elite Body Contouring, we utilise the PowerShape™ device (TGA Certified – ARTG No. 371472) for all of our RF Fat Melting Treatments. What makes PowerShape so unique for fat melting is that the multi-polar hand-piece employs 4 + electrodes , delivering the energy deep into the subcutaneous tissue. This Vacuum- Assisted hand-piece is able to simultaneously heat deep skin layers and superficial layers of the skin delivering a focused yet controlled and even current.


PowerShape™ is classed as a multi-functional body shaping device, addressing an array of concerns with a holistic approach. The vacuum function increases blood circulation and also induces lymphatic drainage to optimise the delivery of the RF energy, whilst the low level laser significantly reduces the size of the fat cells and assists with breaking them down and flushing them out naturally via the body’s liver and lymphatic system.


PowerShape technology is unique in that the vacuum pulsing helps to stimulate the treatment area, causing the clumpy fat tissue to shrink and soften quickly and painlessly.

RF Fat Melting (Face) Treatment Areas

  • Chin & Jawline
  • Cheeks (Nasolabial Folds)

RF Fat Melting (Body) Treatment Areas

  • Arms
  • Arm Pits (Anterior Axillary)
  • Upper Back
  • Bra-Rolls
  • Love Handles
  • Stomach
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Calves

RF Fat Melting (Face) Treatment Areas

  • Chin & Jawline
  • Cheeks (Nasolabial Folds)

RF Fat Melting (Body) Treatment Areas

  • Arms
  • Arm Pits (Anterior Axillary)
  • Upper Back
  • Bra-Rolls
  • Love Handles
  • Stomach
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Calves

Results & Tracking

PowerShape™ has been clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fat, with results continuing to develop 4-6 weeks post-treatment in-line with the body's collagen cycle.

At Elite Body Contouring, we ensure that all of our client results are tracked and measured using body composition scans with the InBody 770 as well as utilising before and after images and detailed treatment notes taken in-clinic as you progress through your treatment to ensure that you are on-track to reach your treatment goals!

Questions? Book your Free Consultation today!

Looking to start your non-surgical treatment but not sure where to start? Book your free consultation today with one of our therapists to learn more about which treatment options are available!

Questions? Book your
Free Consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fat Melting Really Work?

Not all Fat Melting treatments are created equally or deliver the same visible results. Some devices are backed by science and deliver a noticeable reduction in stubborn fat cells, whereas other devices (which are not TGA approved) often require a strict diet to be followed and copious amounts of treatments to be had in order to achieve a slight reduction in stubborn fat.

At Elite Body Contouring we only use the PowerShape™ device in our Fat Melting treatments. PowerShape RF Fat Melting is clinically proven and listed on the TGA register (ARTG No. 371472) for results and safety.

Which is better - Ultrasound Fat Cavitation or RF Fat Melting?

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation was one of the first non-invasive fat melting treatments that clients opted for in which a quick and easy (cm) loss could be achieved without the surgery, however ultrasound fat cavitation does come with some disadvantages, including the requirement to drink at least 2 litres of water and to exercise vigorously immediately post treatment to allow for the body to flush the liquified fat, naturally.

Additionally, Ultrasound Fat Cavitation works by using powerful ultrasound waves to disrupt the fat cell membrane. The ultrasound vibration is so powerful that clients will hear a buzzing sound in the ear. Although not damaging to the ear, many clients feel that the vibration heard through the ears is irritating. Another disadvantage of Ultrasound Fat Cavitation technology is the pressure required to be applied by the therapist in order to mould and manipulate the stubborn fat for the best possible treatments outcome can be uncomfortable for clients - especially when working over areas with minimal fatty tissue .

In order for Ultrasound Fat Cavitation to be effective, there must be a certain amount of fat in the area of concern ,which limits the technology to be able to service the more leaner body types who are concerned with smaller deposits of fat.

Radio Frequency on the other hand doesn’t rely on ultrasound vibration in order to disrupt the fat cell membrane, so there is no buzzing sound experienced during the treatment. RF relies on a high heat energy which feels quite comfortable on the skin, and due to no extra pressure needing to be applied to the treatment area, the sensation experienced is that similar to a hot stone massage, which is why at Elite Body Contouring, we believe that we are able to deliver better results and a more comfortable treatment experience with our PowerShape™ device for RF Fat Melting vs Ultrasound Fat Cavitation.

Which is Better: Fat Freezing or Fat Melting?

Both Fat Freezing and Fat Melting treatments offered at elite body contouring provide a safe, gentle and non-surgical alternative to reduce stubborn subcutaneous fat for people who struggle to shift this through a healthy diet and lifestyle alone. Fat freezing permanently destroys stubborn fat cells using a technology called Cryolipolysis (a controlled cooling , vacuum applicator system) whereas Fat Melting shrinks the size of the fat cell causing a long lasting (but not permanent) volume reduction using a technology called Radio Frequency (heat energy emitted via a special hand-piece).

Our clients often find that a combination of fat melting and fat freezing treatments had concurrently may accelerate their results and provide a fast tracked approach in helping reach their fat reduction goals.

Which treatment is right for you should be determined in-clinic after a consultation with a trained body contouring specialist. Your individual concerns and goals will be identified and a tailored treatment program will be put together for you.

How Can I Lose Tummy Fat Fast?

Throughout a fat loss journey we may find ourselves getting close to our goal and plateauing, this could be for many different reasons. One main reason you might struggle to shift that last bit of tummy fat is because it consists predominately of subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat sits above the muscle and below the skin, its often soft and pinch-able and through any health and wellness journey, will be the last bit of fat left to shift. Subcutaneous fat is the type of fat we specialise in reducing and removing at Elite Body Contouring.

The tummy is one of the most commonly treated areas with our RF Fat Melting treatment, as often people have a large deposit of stubborn subcutaneous fat situated in this area. Unfortunately, non-surgical fat melting (and in fact any non-surgical body contouring treatment) isn’t a quick or magic fix, however, it is a great option to work hand in hand with an overall health and wellness transformation journey to help you fast-track your fat reduction goals.

What Does Radio Frequency Do To Fat Cells?

Radio Frequency melts and flattens fat cells to achieve volume reduction using focused heat energy at temperatures of up to 60 degrees. By disrupting the fat cell membrane with RF, the fat cells shrink in size. The liquified fat is then expelled naturally via the bodies liver and lymphatic system.

Does RF Work on the Stomach?

Absolutely! Radio Frequency can safely and effectively be used to melt fat or tighten loose skin on the stomach area without any pain or downtime depending on which hand-piece is used. To get the most out of your RF treatment, a course of treatments is usually recommended. You can view some of our real client transformations here on our website.

Is RF Treatment Safe?

RF works by emitting energy at high heat into the layers of the dermis and the skins subcutaneous tissue . Because of the high heat used and the power behind the RF technology, it is important to do your research before undergoing any RF procedure.

Some possible things that could go wrong can include burning, blistering or scarring. Most of the timer an adverse reaction is due to a contraindication - for example, a client with an exiting medical condition that is contraindicated to the RF treatment, or if a client is currently taking a contraindicative medication (such as a skin thinner or anti acne medication).

To prevent the risk of having an unsafe RF treatment, we always advise clients to:

  1. Take the time to have a professional one-on-one consultation in-clinic with a trained and experienced specialist, 
  2. Fully disclose any medication you are taking and any medical concerns & medical history with your Therapist 
  3. Only have a treatment performed if the device has been TGA certified to meet strict Australian standards for results and safety.
  4. Follow all pre-treatment preparation and aftercare protocols.

How Often Can You Do RF on the Body?

We recommend RF Body Treatments be performed once a week if treating the same area. If you are on a short timeline and wish to have less time in between your sessions, simply schedule a complimentary consultation at one of our clinics and a therapist will be able to advise you on your suitability to have twice weekly treatments.

Both Technologies work to heat up the skin and are very effective at stimulating the production of new collagen, however HIFU works upwards from the subcutaneous tissue and deep dermis to the epidermis and superficial layers of the skin, whereas Thermage works from the surface downwards, generally leading to increased discomfort felt during the treatment.

Is RF Body Contouring Permanent?

At Elite Body Contouring, the results of our RF Body Contouring treatments are long lasting however as the fat is only liquified (not permanently destroyed as is the case with our Fat Freezing and Lipocel procedures) RF Body Contouring isn’t classified as a permanent non-surgical fat reduction procedure.

So whilst the results will be long lasting, they will require maintenance at home and or additional treatments in clinic as needed.