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Why Chin Sculpting Is A Trend In Australia

Why Chin Sculpting Is A Trend In Australia

A permanent solution to a common bodily concern, chin sculpting is a new and innovative treatment that helps to contour and tighten the area, effectively reducing the appearance of a double chin. The ideal alternative to cosmetic surgery requiring painful recovery and extensive downtime, non-invasive double chin removal treatments have gained rapid popularity over the last year — and they’re the perfect option for those who want to subtly or dramatically transform their complexion. This blog will unpack the benefits of double chin removal — the non-surgical treatments that have taken the world by storm.

The causes of a double chin

Whether it’s ageing and loss of skin laxity, postural concerns, rapid weight loss or genetics, a double chin — also known as submental fat — is a common aesthetic concern that occurs when a layer of fat forms below the chin. Even if you maintain a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise, some stubborn pockets of fat will never budge — it’s totally out of your control.

Although a range of exercise techniques target the fat under the chin and neck, nothing is more effective than a non-invasive treatment that guarantees transformative and permanent results. Rather than turning to more invasive methods that can cause agony, chin sculpting is the latest treatment using the most innovative technology to treat submental fullness without a prolonged recovery or dealing with the hefty cost of double chin surgery.

Wondering how to hide a double chin? Here’s why people are turning to non-surgical chin sculpting treatments

The thought of undergoing a double chin removal procedure that requires anaesthetic, scalpels, and stitches is enough for most to turn to makeup to conceal their concerns. However, what if we told you that a quick visit to the EBC clinic could transform your complexion, tightening and lifting your chin so it appears cinched and sculpted? With 5-star rated solutions like High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), PowerShape, and Cryolipolysis chin freezing in heavy demand, it’s never been easier to boost your confidence. These pain-free options offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Non-invasive techniques that provide permanent results

Chin sculpting works by permanently destroying and removing stubborn fat cells — so they’re gone for good. Using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, this treatment heats the deep and superficial layers of the skin’s tissue to lift and tone the skin around the face and neck. The high-tech handpiece simultaneously stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen, making the skin appear firmer and tighter over an extended period. Whether you’re dealing with sagging skin under the neck or hoping to lift and tighten the jaw area so it appears more sculpted, HIFU delivers transformative results.

If you opt for PowerShape RF, this fat-melting treatment uses intense energy waves to heat the deep layers of the skin while triggering elastin and collagen production. On the other hand, Cryolipolysis treatments help reduce stubborn fat pockets by cooling the cells within the area to -10 degrees. The process causes the fat cells to crystallise before the body flushes them via the liver and lymphatic system. At Elite Body Contouring, we have a chin applicator that fits perfectly around the jawline, with each session permanently reducing 20 to 40% of fat cells in the area.

  • Extremely affordable

It’s no secret that the cost of double chin surgery can break the bank. With a non-invasive chin sculpting treatment, you can save pennies with a few short trips to the clinic. Our HIFU chin sculpting treatment costs $649, while PowerShape and Cryolipolysis on the chin and neck cost $199.

  • No downtime or long-lasting side effects

At Elite Body Contouring, our double chin removal is non-invasive, meaning you won’t need an anaesthetic or have to prepare for a painful recovery. After your quick treatment, you can resume your normal activities, so there’s no need to alter your schedule. Additionally, our chin sculpting treatments are pain-free — the only side effects you’ll experience are mild redness and swelling at the treatment site. By icing the area, these symptoms will subside in just a few hours.

  • Safe and backed by science

Our chin sculpting treatments provide long-lasting, natural-looking results, with various clinical trials supporting each treatment’s efficacy. Plus, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved the technology used by Elite Body Contouring, so you can rest assured you’re investing in a treatment that guarantees safe results that’ll create a more contoured side profile.

  • Quick sessions

Our treatments range from 30 to 45 minutes, so you can easily pop into one of our clinics during your lunch break. To achieve the best results, two to four sessions are usually required; however, it depends on the extent of your aesthetic concerns.

  • Improved confidence

While ageing is inevitable, most of us don’t want to see the tell-tale signs forming on our faces. Whether you have a thick pocket of fat under your chin or your skin has started to sag and droop, our high-impact double chin removal treatments will help improve your self-confidence with subtle changes that leave you looking as young as you feel.

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It’s little wonder why these treatments have taken the country by storm — double chin removal is the non-surgical solution you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re hoping to remove lumps and bumps, flaunt a subtly sculpted and lifted jawline, or say goodbye to a sagging and pronounced double chin, our highly skilled team is here to turn your dream of a more confident you into a reality.

As the leading provider of non-surgical and non-invasive body sculpting and contouring treatments backed by science and utilising the highest quality medical-grade devices, you can trust that you’re in the best possible care when you visit one of our clinics.

Ready to get started? Book your complimentary consultation online today, and our expert team will assess your facial anatomy, listen to your aesthetic concerns, and provide tailored solutions to improve your body confidence.

Still unsure? Check out our before and after HIFU treatment photos to see incredible results from previous patients who have entrusted EBC to transform their appearance.