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ATP Science Subcut & Block E3


ATP Science Subcut & Block E3 | Elite Body Contouring

If you’ve come to Elite Body Contouring for Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing, you know how effective this treatment is in reducing stubborn fat pockets in areas where you really don’t want them — upper arms, stomach, thighs, etc. For anyone who’s felt frustrated by specific areas on their body that just don’t respond to diet and exercise, It’s a way to finally get those results you’ve always wanted.

However, maximising those results doesn’t stop when you walk out of our clinic. In order to see the best outcomes from your Fat Freezing and achieve your body goals, you also need to play your part after these treatments.

That is why we recommend ATP Science’s Block E3 and Subcut. These powerful transdermal body shaping serums can complement the Fat Freezing treatment you’ve received with us, helping you reach your ideal body goals.

In this article, we’ll break down what Subcut and Block E3 are, what they do and what results you can expect by using them.

ATP Block E3: Estrogen Blocker


ATP Block E3 guides your body to recognise the estrogen-dominant fats in unwanted areas of the body, particularly the ones you treat at Elite Body Contouring (stomach, thighs, etc.). Being transdermal, all the ingredients contained in ATP Block E3 are effectively absorbed through the skin to give you actual results.

This serum contains ingredients that block aromatase activity (which produces estrogen) in the stomach, thighs, chest and underarm area for women and in the stomach, thigh, buttocks, waist and chest area for men. Block E3 absorbs through the skin, targets the fat and wipes out all the Xenoestrogen (foreign estrogen). It can also provide a tightening, sculpting and firming effect on the body and works to target those stubbornly isolated areas of fat or cellulite that targeted exercise can’t seem to shift.

How often should I apply Block E3?

One to two times a day.

When should I apply ATP Block E3?

Principally after you shower at night and before you train.

When will I start to see Block E3 results?

ATP Science Block E3 starts working minutes after you apply it, as the powerful active ingredients are absorbed into your skin. In order to accurately check the results of your Block E3 before and after, we recommend measuring the affected areas with a tape measure or callipers so you can track the changes to your body. These changes usually start to appear after four weeks, and you can cycle ATP Block E3 on a 4 to 12-week cycle to maximise results.

Now that ATP Block E3 has recognised and isolated the unwanted fats in your body, it is time to get rid of them. That is where Subcut comes into play…

ATP Subcut: Fat Mobiliser


Subcut’s main role is to move subcutaneous fat into the bloodstream so it is used as energy. The result will improve your appearance, giving you a firmer and more toned body. Just like Block E3, ATP Science Subcut is transdermal. All the ingredients penetrate through the skin by using natural resources that are best delivered to the fats in the body part they are needed for the most.

ATP Science Subcut can help remove unwanted fat from the body via the bloodstream, improve muscle definition as part of an exercise regime and complement the results of Block E3 by facilitating the body’s disposal of fat identified through its use.

What is subcutaneous fat?

Subcutaneous fat (sometimes shortened to SF) is the largest portion of fat in the body that hangs around your waist, buttocks, legs and thighs — basically, the areas you would treat at Elite Body Contouring that diet and exercise can’t resolve alone.

It’s different from visceral fat, found around the body’s organs and is generally more responsive to diet and exercise because of better blood circulation. If you’re close to your goal weight or ideal body shape but can’t seem to shift those last fat deposits, they are likely to be subcutaneous fat, which ATP Subcut can target.

Where do I apply it on?

Apply Subcut to any areas of stubborn fat you wish to treat: on your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, back and/or back of arms.

When should I apply Subcut?

Apply one to three times a day: before your workout, after morning, and after a shower in the evening.

When will I see ATP Subcut results?

Just like Block E3, Subcut is absorbed into the skin minutes after it’s been applied. Measuring the applied areas with callipers and tape measure will help you most accurately monitor the results you experience using ATP Subcut. Within ten days of use, you’ll be able to see changes to these measurements and track your progress.

What is in ATP Subcut that makes it effective?

Subcut contains powerful active ingredients that penetrate the dermal layer and stimulate fat burning in those problem areas you want to treat. These include:

  • Coleus (Coleus forskohlii) — An active ingredient similar to thyroid hormones that target stubborn fat pockets by increasing the production of cAMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate) fat-burning molecules.
  • Guarana (Paulinia cupana) — Another cAMP production enhancer that furthers the effects of coleus and contains active ingredients like methylxanthines and xanthine alkaloids.
  • Du Zhong (Eucommia ulmoides Oliv) — A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient that fights against adipokines, a type of chemical that can make fat cells resistant to change.
  • Silybin from Japanese thistle (Cirsium oligophyllum) — When combined with the caffeine present in guarana and forskolin present in coleus, silybin helps to drive thermogenic protein uncoupling (fat burning) and metabolic lipolysis to aid in subcutaneous fat loss.
  • Rosehip Oil (Rosa canina) — Rosehip oil supports the powerful active ingredients in ATP Subcut by aiding their absorption through the dermal layer while also working to tighten skin and treat areas affected with stretch marks.
  • Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) — Black pepper enhances the penetration of Subcut into subcutaneous lipid bilayers, also producing a thermogenic effect to maximise results.

What is the difference between Subcut and Block E3?

While both Block E3 and Subcut can be used to target the same issues and as complementary serums to follow up after Fat Freezing treatment, they actually work in very different ways.

Block E3 targets estrogen in the body, which can act as an inhibitor to the process of fat burning. It also prevents subcutaneous fat from becoming ‘locked up’ in those sites where you find it sits most stubbornly.

Once you’ve used Block E3 to make these areas more resistant to other treatments, ATP Subcut is used as a transdermal fat-burning serum. Subcut is absorbed into the skin and forces stored fat to be released and burnt as a fuel source for the body. It can work in any area where subcutaneous fat storage is a problem.

Buy Subcut and BlockE3 online from Elite Body Contouring

ATP Science’s Block E3 and Subcut are available at Elite Body Contouring clinics for $69.95 each or both for just $125 (saving $14.90). If you’re ready to take your body goals to the next level and see actual results in just days or weeks, it’s a small price to pay.

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What are you waiting for? If you have more questions about these body-shaping serums or the other treatments available at our clinics, talk to one of our friendly and experienced staff today.