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Muscle Toning & Sculpting Treatment

Shape, Tone & Define Your Physique

Shape, Tone & Define
Your Physique

Discover the latest innovations in non-
surgical muscle toning & shaping treatments
at Elite Body Contouring!

Whether you're looking to tone and define
your physique or build muscle volume, we
offer complimentary consultations across all
of our clinics so that our experienced
therapists can meet with you one-to-one to
discuss your goals and advise you on the right
treatment course just for you.

  • StimSure®
    Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation

    StimSure is the latest non-invasive
    electromagnetic muscle building &
    toning treatment used to burn fat and
    strengthen, tighten and tone muscles in
    less than 30 minutes for natural-looking
    results! Get results without the need for
    rigid workout sessions!

  • PowerShape™
    Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

    Reshape, tighten & contour the buttocks
    with our Non-Surgical Butt Lift!
    Sometimes referred to a 'booty-lift' or
    'Brazilian Butt Lift', this treatment melts
    the fat cells, resulting in a more well-
    rounded and lifted bum - without the
    need for surgery or any downtime!