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Fight Cellulite With PowerShape


Fight Cellulite With PowerShape

Cellulite can affect you no matter your body type or body fat percentage. And while cellulite isn’t a serious medical condition, let’s face it — the impact of cellulite on legs, buttocks and other areas can leave us feeling decidedly less than confident.

While most of us know what cellulite is when we see it, you may be less clear on why it occurs and how to get rid of cellulite if you do have it. To give you a clearer picture, let’s break it down.

What’s cellulite, and why does it appear?

Cellulite is caused when subcutaneous fat becomes trapped between the skin and the connective tissue that tethers the skin to your underlying muscle. These tissues pull down towards your muscles while the fat pulls upwards, creating the tension that causes the tell-tale dimpling we know as cellulite.

Depending on the individual, the area where the cellulite is, the amount of fat in the region and a host of other reasons, cellulite can appear as subtle dimpling or larger lumps. Many of us struggle with cellulite on our legs, especially the back of the thighs, which can be more obvious in swimwear and shorter dresses, skirts and shorts— making it a key area for wanting the lumps and bumps to disappear.

While the causes of cellulite are complicated and varied, genetics may be the largest factor in why you will or will not have cellulite. Over 90% of women will experience cellulite in some places due to higher fat concentrations in certain body parts.  For women, it’s common to have cellulite on the legs, hips and buttocks, and cellulite can also be an issue for men, though this is less common. Depending on various factors, including genetics, hormone fluctuations, body changes over time, ageing and more, cellulite may worsen, with dimpled areas becoming larger or more pronounced.

Can you get rid of cellulite?

Unfortunately, it can often be hard to shift once cellulite has formed. Even exercise and weight loss may not be enough to deal with it, and more involved treatments may be required. Cellulite is particularly common in adult women and can be present even if you’re very thin. For these reasons, people have naturally started to look for other solutions to get rid of cellulite, ranging from creams, lotions and potions to novelty treatments like body wrapping and even surgery.

What is the best way to get rid of cellulite?

Until recently, surgery was the only highly effective way to get rid of cellulite, removing some of the fat in areas of concern and breaking up the structures that allow the appearance of cellulite to form. However, surgery comes with its own dangers.

As an invasive procedure requiring anaesthetic, surgery is a definite risk. These procedures require serious downtime for recovery, forcing you to take time out of your life. Cellulite removal surgery also leaves scarring, an unwanted side effect that, for many people, may be just as unsightly as the original cellulite.

So, what’s the answer if you’re still wondering how to get rid of cellulite on your legs, minus the major surgery?

How to get rid of cellulite on legs — without surgery

The latest advancements in technology have opened up a new option for anyone sick of cellulite and wanting to reach their aesthetic goals. In particular, PowerShape™  technology combines several of the most effective non-surgical treatments to target cellulite, breaking up and melting away fat cells and creating a firmer, more toned and smooth area.

So how exactly does PowerShape™ work, and why is it the best way to get rid of cellulite? The answer is its three-pronged approach:

  • Ultrasound Fat Cavitation — Low-frequency ultrasound waves are used in a circular, targeted motion to break up fat cells, literally melting them away as the cells disintegrate. Ultrasound fat cavitation is particularly good for addressing stubborn pockets of fat that aren’t responsive to exercise.
  • Radio Frequency Fat Melting — Also known as RF technology, this pain-free solution works by using a safe electrical current to warm the dermis layer of the skin. Fat cell membranes are disrupted within this collagen-rich layer for long-term improvements to cellulite dimpling.
  • Radio Frequency Skin Tightening — Finally, RF skin tightening is used to tone and lift the skin in the treated areas. This treatment can help to give back skin some of its elasticity and bounce, making for a tighter and more toned result.

Are the effects of PowerShape™ permanent?

PowerShape™ will powerfully reshape and smooth cellulite on legs, buttocks, abdomen and other areas for long-term, impressive results. While the results may not last forever and will depend on your unique body composition, our clients find their results long-lasting and have a great payoff.

Best of all — PowerShape™ is non-invasive, pain-free, and doesn’t require recovery time. You can easily schedule the right amount of sessions to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment — without skipping a beat in your everyday life. While you’ll start to notice the results from your very first session, most of our clients find that 8 to 10 treatments deliver the best results for getting rid of cellulite.

Choose Elite Body Contouring and say goodbye to your cellulite today

Elite Body Contouring is your go-to destination for the best ways to get rid of cellulite using award-winning, non-invasive technologies. From cellulite reduction to complete cellulite treatments, our team can help you formulate a treatment plan to deal with stubborn cellulite once and for all. Ready to feel more toned, smooth and confident than ever? Make a booking with our friendly therapists today, and get ready to say goodbye to your cellulite.