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RF (Radiofrequency) Microneedling Basics: Essential Information To Understand

Have you noticed early signs of ageing like sagging skin or wrinkles? Are you experiencing skin discolouration, tissue scarring, acne scars or uneven skin texture? Are you looking for a wrinkle reduction treatment? At Elite Body Contouring, we offer radiofrequency microneedling treatment to help aid your skin’s healing response, resulting in firmer, tighter skin. 

What is RF microneedling?

RF microneedling is a breakthrough non-surgical skin tightening procedure that uses state-of-the-art radiofrequency technology to deliver controlled heat energy into deep layers of your skin. Its gentle heat stimulates collagen production and helps trigger your skin’s natural healing response — which means more rejuvenated skin. Whatever your areas of concern are, this microneedling technology can be used on the face, neck, arms, back, abdomen and thighs.

No matter your age, gender, skin type or tone, RF microneedling can treat wrinkles, discolouration and acne scarring. If you suffer from skin infections, have moderate to severe skin disease, an active breakout of cold sores or any other concerns, we advise you to consult your therapist to further discuss whether or not you’re suitable for this treatment. 

RF microneedling benefits

What separates radiofrequency microneedling from our other non-surgical treatments is that it combines microneedling and radiofrequency energy to prompt the body to produce new collagen and elastin fibres, improving the texture and tone of your skin. Here are the following RF microneedling benefits when you opt for this treatment:

  • Improved skin elasticity — Since this microneedling technology boosts collagen and elastin production, you can expect firmer skin and a more contoured face, jawline and neck.  
  • Balanced skin tone and texture — The combination of microneedling and radiofrequency works wonders as a skin rejuvenation treatment to enhance the overall skin texture and tone. It minimises pores, evens skin irregularities and leaves you with a radiant and smooth complexion.
  • Wrinkle reduction RF microneedling effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By stimulating collagen production, it helps smooth out facial lines, giving you a more youthful and refreshed look without the need for invasive procedures.

Understanding the RF microneedling process

If you’re nervous about what to expect from this non-surgical skin tightening treatment, allow us to walk you through the RF microneedling process:

  1. Tiny needles create controlled micro-channels in the skin to stimulate your body’s natural healing response and promote collagen and elastin production.
  2. Simultaneously, radiofrequency energy is delivered into the deep layers of the skin to generate heat and boost collagen and elastin production. 
  3. This dual-action RF microneedling process improves skin texture, tightens your skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps diminish scars and stretch marks on the body. 

How to get the most from your treatment at Elite Body Contouring

During RF microneedling, communicate openly with your therapist about your skincare goals and concerns so they can tailor the treatment accordingly. Post-treatment, we urge you to adhere to any prescribed skincare regimen, like moisturising, avoiding harsh products and protecting your skin from the sun. Remain patient as collagen remodelling takes time — it can take multiple sessions for optimal results. Combining RF microneedling with a comprehensive skincare routine and mindful aftercare practices can help maximise your treatment results, leaving your skin rejuvenated and refreshed.

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments at Elite Body Contouring

During your initial consultation, your therapist will discuss the RF microneedling pricing options based on the number of sessions and required treatment areas. They may recommend other treatments that better align with your goals. At Elite Body Contouring, we have a range of non-surgical skin tightening treatments that also utilise RF energy, including: 

With ageing, the body’s natural collagen and elastin proteins break down, causing skin to lose its elasticity. That’s where our PowerShape™ Radio Frequency Face Skin Tightening comes in, delivering a gentle, non-invasive solution for firmer, tighter skin. 

With minimal downtime and no aftercare required, RF treatments are ideal for a more youthful appearance without going under the knife. At most, you will notice minimal redness in the treatment area post-procedure that will fade after a few hours. 

This clinically proven, safe treatment requires no needles, no anaesthesia or surgery. Expect results anywhere from 4-12 weeks and more sustained effects with further treatments over an extended period. 

Whether you have crow’s feet or under-eye wrinkles, forehead lines, laugh lines or neck wrinkles, this non-surgical skin tightening treatment will help smoothen and tighten these areas.

RF body skin tightening can treat anywhere on your body from your face to neck, thighs and abdomen to firm and tighten the skin, improve skin tone and texture and reduce instances of fine lines and wrinkles. With little to no downtime, you will notice visible results within a few weeks that continue to improve over time.

This method is clinically proven and has been used for over 20 years, so you can rest assured you’re choosing a safe method to tighten the skin on your face or body without surgery. You’re also highly unlikely to experience any discomfort during the treatment — for context, it’s often compared to the relaxing feeling of a warm stone massage.

Book your complimentary consult with Elite Body Contouring today

RF microneedling at Elite Body Contouring is clinically proven to deliver remarkable results for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, balanced skin tone and texture and overall skin rejuvenation. Take the first step to radiant and youthful skin and schedule a consultation at your nearest Elite Body Contouring clinic today. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our team, who would be delighted to assist you further.