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Chin Sculpting

Reduce your double chin with the latest HIFU technology.

A non-surgical fat reduction treatment using clinically proven fat reduction technology, you can now say good-bye to your double chin.

There are multiple causes for a double chin. ever time Society has created some  humorous names for this concern which has been an embarrassing problem for many people.

At Elite Body Contouring the double chin is one of the most common complaint we hear about in our clinics.

A double chin can be caused by factors such as  weight gain  , genetics and ageing. It can also be caused as the skin starts to loose its elasticity , as we age which can lead to the appearance of excess or saggy skin which can contribute to the appearance of double chin.

With both these factors at play, excess skin and fat, it can make people appear older and more heavier than they are.

Up until recently, going under the knife was the only option available to reduce a double chin. Liposuction is an invasive procedure that requires an incision and a lengthy recovery time.

The benefits of new technology now a days,  such as HIFU chin sculpting,  uses the most advanced technology to treat submental fat, as well as skin tightening  without surgery and a lengthy recovery process.

Chin sculpting is the perfect non-surgical treatment for targeting the double chin area. Your double chin can now be a thing of the past.

Chin sculpting is a non-invasive double chin treatment that reduces fat and contours the jawline and neck.

How? We use HIFU technology to permanently reduce fat as well as tighten skin in the same session. Your body will breakdown the dead fat in the treatment area over the next 12 weeks, naturally. At the same time, new collagen and elastin will form helping to lift and tighten the chin and jawline.

At Elite Body Contouring we customise every individual chin sculpting treatment, the number of sessions required will therefore vary from client to client.

A trained therapist will assess your area of concern during your initial consultation and a recommendation of treatments will be created for you.

Sessions are spaced 4 weeks apart and you may require 2-4 sessions to see optimal results.

There is no downtime with this treatment, slight tenderness may be felt the next day. Visible fat reduction can be seen from your first treatment.

There are many benefits to Chin Sculpting at Elite Body Contouring


  • Reduce The Double Chin – Once the dead fat cells in the treatment area have been removed from the body, they can not return to that area which minimises the double chin pocket


  • Clinically Proven – The technology used in our Chin Sculpting treatments has been approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)


  • Tighten Skin – Our HIFU works to not only reduce fat but to also lift, firm and tighten the skin around the neck, chin and jawline


  • No Downtime – Our Chin Sculpt is completely non-invasive, unlike other procedures there is no swelling or bruising post treatment, all that may be felt post treatment is slight tenderness.


  • No Numbing Cream – Unlike other treatments to reduce fat around the chin, our Chin Sculpt is a comfortable treatment that requires no anaesthetic

At Elite Body Contouring our non-surgical chin sculpting treatment reduces fat around the chin and contours the neck and jawline, using HIFU Technology that has been clinically proven.

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) utilises heat energy, targeted at the submental region to destroy stubborn fat cells contained within the target area, permanently. HIFU also heats skin tissue to up to 75 degrees, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin resulting in tighter and lifted skin.

Is Chin Sculpting safe?

Yes! Our Chin Sculpting treatment uses technology which is registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).


How many Chin Sculpting treatments do I need?

Normally 2-4 sessions will be required depending on your individual needs. This will be determined during your initial consultation.


How long do the results of Chin Sculpting last?

Once the fat cells have been permanently eliminated, they will never return to the treated area. The skin tightening results will last up to 18 months as our cells constantly turn over as we age.


Does Chin Sculpting hurt?

Not at all! All that will be felt during the procedure is a slight prickling sensation on the skin due to the heat and possible tenderness along the jawline post treatment.


Before & After

See below for before and after review photos of our clients in our clinics.

HIFU Chin Sculpt female 2
HIFU male chin sculpt 1
HIFU neck tightening female 3
HIFU chin sculpt female 4 WEB
Chin Sculpt Male
Chin Sculpt Female

Chin Sculpting Pricing

HIFU Chin Sculpting
Treatment Area
Pre-pay and save
$799 (one session)
$1199 (two sessions pre paid save $399)


Individual results may vary.