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The Role Of Cryolipolysis In Non-Invasive Fat Reduction: What You Need To Know

The Role Of Cryolipolysis In Non-Invasive Fat Reduction: What You Need To Know

While a healthy diet, active lifestyle and regular exercise will always be the most effective ways to maintain a healthy weight, sometimes stubborn fat deposits seem resistant to all of our efforts. In these cases, fat removal treatments may be the solution that helps you feel better about your body, improve your self-image and enjoy a more confident life, loving your own skin.

While fat removal has in the past meant complicated and invasive procedures, expensive and risky treatments and lengthy healing periods, new treatments are now available to deal with this common problem.

What is non-invasive fat reduction?

If you’re tired of stubborn fat pockets that aren’t responsive to diet and exercise, a variety of solutions are available. Traditionally, surgery was used to target areas of the body where fat was resistant, but today, we have more modern procedures that don’t involve invasive surgery but are just as effective. This suite of non-invasive fat reduction treatments is called fat freezing; it uses extreme low temperatures to kill fat cells for good.

How does non-invasive fat reduction work?

The process of fat freezing has minimal discomfort and can be performed safely and quickly to give you great, lasting results.

Here’s how the process works:

  • An applicator that works like a specialised vacuum is applied to the area you want to target, and the targeted zone is cooled to a temperature of -9ºC.
  • The low temperature produces energy that penetrates fat cells without affecting any surrounding cells.
  • As the fat cells are exposed to freezing temperatures, they crystalise and die.
  • Over the next 10 to 12 weeks, these dead fat cells are flushed out of the body naturally.

Fat freezing is a quick procedure that only takes a few minutes when administered in one of our comfortable clinics. In fact, you can complete your Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing procedure in a lunch order.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is another name for ‘Fat Freezing’, which is offered at all Elite Body Contouring clinics. The process uses very cold temperatures to painlessly target fat cells and give you results you’ll love. It differs greatly from the older plastic surgeries to remove fat you are aware of, so let’s dive into the differences.

How is non-invasive fat reduction different from liposuction?

Liposuction is a type of plastic surgery that removes fat deposits from under the skin. It cannot target visceral fat, such as the deposits found around organs, and it is not a recommended procedure for individuals wanting to achieve weight loss, and it may not provide lasting effects. In general, liposuction is best suited to healthy people with stubborn fat storage pockets that do not respond to diet and exercise.

Unlike liposuction, which involves major surgery and downtime to heal and recover, non-invasive fat reduction treatments such as Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing are quick and simple to perform, and you can get straight back to your normal life afterwards.

Who is targeted fat loss suitable for?

If you live a healthy, active lifestyle but can’t get certain pockets of fat to shift, you’re a good candidate for Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing.

Non-surgical targeted fat loss can be used on all the areas traditionally targeted by liposuction, including:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Neck, jaw, and under the chin
  • Back
  • Hips and ‘love handles’
  • Inner knee
  • Chest
  • Calves
  • Ankles

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing isn’t suitable for patients wanting to achieve weight loss. It can, however, be used on any area of the body with fat deposits more than 3cm thick.

Is fat freezing permanent?

The results of Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing achieve permanent death of fat cells at a rate of about 30%, destroying them for good. After the fat cells are killed off by freezing, your body naturally flushes them out over a period of around 10 to 12 weeks. Because the process is non-invasive and very safe, it is possible to target stubborn areas with several courses of treatment or combine them with other fat reduction treatments like HIFU to meet your body goals.

Are there side effects from fat freezing?

Depending on your body makeup, you may experience minor side effects from Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing. These can include:

  • Temporary swelling or bruising
  • Normal redness, numbness and tenderness in treated areas
  • Rare muscle cramping or spasming (may affect around 1 in 20 individuals around a month after treatment)
  • Very rare risk of PAH (Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia), a hard overgrowth of tissue that affects around 0.0051% of people who undergo fat freezing

Elite Body Contouring is here to help you achieve the fat freezing results you want

If your body stops you from feeling confident, you don’t have to put up with fat deposits holding you back. Our friendly team at Elite Body Contouring is experienced in understanding your goals for your body and tailoring a targeted fat loss treatment plan to get you the results you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready to feel better, contact us today and book a consultation at one of our conveniently located clinics.