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Skip the Gym & Workout Routine With Stimsure Muscle Stimulation


Skip the Gym & Workout Routine With Stimsure Muscle Stimulation

Spending endless hours in the gym but can’t seem to shake off more than a millimetre of fat? When high-intensity exercises and counting macros have delivered little payoff and muscle toning for the sacrifice, time and sweat involved, Stimsure offers easy muscle stimulation that triggers your body to burn fat, tone your muscles and build a tighter core in a 30-minute session.

Whether you have hit a plateau or finding exercises can’t budge stubborn pockets of fat, read on to find out how Stimsure body contouring treatments will crush your body goals this year and everything you need to know about this non-invasive, science-backed treatment — including its overarching benefits, what to expect during a session and how it will get you on your way to your dream bod.

What is Stimsure, and how does it work?

With our proven, innovative technologies, Stimsure shows that summer bodies weren’t born — they were made. Taking advantage of Neuromuscular Stimulation

technology (NMES) which creates an electromagnetic field to stimulate motoneuron cells in your muscles, it engages and causes your muscles to contract 24,000 to 42,000 times in a single 30-minute session. Equivalent to performing a whopping 24 thousand squats or crunches, our EMS muscle stimulator delivers an ultra marathon in a single visit.

Our Stimsure body toning treatment can be used across your body in areas that are often cited as a source of concern — these include:

  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Glutes
  • Thighs
  • Calves

Without targeting your motor (sensory) nerves, Stimsure allows you to easily experience this non-invasive, body-defining treatment pain-free and without the gym’s next morning muscle ache and tightness. 

Each 30 minute session allows you to get the most intense but tension-free workout during your lunch break or moments of free time without interrupting your regular lifestyle. No downtime, no recovery, no worries!

Does Stimsure muscle stimulation really work?

Incredibly well — otherwise, we wouldn’t offer this non-invasive, body-defining treatment to our clients. As leaders in Australia for body-changing, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, we only use proven, science-backed technologies that deliver results you can see and verify through our numerous reviews. Since 2015, we’ve assisted over 40-thousand clients to reach their ideal body with our non-surgical treatments for the face and body.

An MRI study of 20 patients undergoing Stimsure muscle stimulation found that participants experienced a 28% reduction in fat density after six sessions. How many months or years in the gym and calorie management will that take?

Stimsure is one of the latest advancements in muscle toning, fat loss and muscle repair that has been used since the 1960s by neurologists and physiotherapists to support muscle recovery and rehabilitation treatments. With a proven track record, this EMS muscle stimulator is highly beneficial for toning, sculpting and defining significant areas of concern across your body.

The benefits of Stimsure and EMS body toning

  • A safe, non-invasive procedure — Unlike other fat reduction procedures requiring anaesthesia, medical equipment and surgery to remove or redistribute fat to recreate the impression of muscles, Stimsure is entirely non-surgical and non-invasive — ensuring minimal risk of complications.
  • Compels your body to exercise — This muscle toning treatment doesn’t remove or transplant fat — it engages the body to contract up to 42 thousand times as if you’re performing a record number of exercises. This will enable you to reduce fat density, redefine your muscles and attain a slimmer figure.
  • No downtime, pain or recovery — Stimsure stimulates your muscles without invasive medical tools or next-day body aches from sessions in the gym. While it can feel mildly uncomfortable during your first session, and you may be left with temporary redness and tenderness at the treated site, you’ll be able to return to your regular routine without limiting your lifestyle or spending hours upon hours in the gym.
  • Treat multiple areas of your body — You can tone your body in areas common for fat to settle, such as your biceps, triceps, abdomen, glutes and thigh muscles. We can treat two areas in a single session to focus on areas of concern and ensure your body is always in proportion. We recommend six to eight sessions, held twice weekly, for consistent, visible results. Our expert therapists will tailor your body contouring treatment to your goals and needs to ensure you receive the results you’ve dreamed of.
  • Effortless procedure — With a single session, you can target problem areas without spending hours in the gym or risking your body from incorrectly performing exercises.
  • Incredibly cost-effective — With competitive pricing and short treatment sessions that mean you will be in and out of our therapist’s chair, it’s an effective alternative to surgery that could incur thousands of dollars.

What happens during your Stimsure muscle toning treatment?

When you visit Elite Body Contouring, you’ll consult with our clinicians, who will take you by the hand and explain what the procedure entails, what you can expect and answer any questions you may have. Before each Stimsure treatment, we’ll assess your body composition and identify how much subcutaneous fat you have to recommend the number of treatments needed to achieve a toned and sculpted body. 

We’ll ask you to remove electrical devices from your pockets, metal jewellery and garments containing metal zippers and buttons. During your Stimsure body toning treatment, we’ll place an elasticated fabric around the treated area to securely hold the device.

After your treatment, your clinician will recommend you stay hydrated and consume a protein-based meal within an hour of your procedure. To ensure you achieve your gymless, gym-made body, it’s key to complete the course of treatments, with two held per week and spaced two to three days apart.

Get the body you’ve always dreamed of — book a Stimsure muscle toning treatment with Elite Body Contouring today

Tired of looking and feeling the weight of stubborn fat that seems impossible to budge? A Stimsure body contouring treatment will help you burn fat, define your muscles and reduce muscle inflammation without drowning in sweat at the gym.

As the leading cosmetic clinic in Australia, we only use innovative and proven technologies to give measurable results you can trust and see for yourself. We understand that no two bodies are the same; our clinician’s high level of experience and expertise will ensure you receive a superior level of care and attention to guarantee you receive the best outcome and peace of mind when you visit any one of our locations.

Ready to drop the kilos and the gym membership? Join our thousands of happy clients who have had their lives and bodies transformed with our Stimsure and fat reduction treatments.

Make a booking today to get the body you have always wanted without delay. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us — our friendly team is here to help and discuss whether this treatment is right for you.