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Alternatives To Injectables & Fillers

Reduce The Signs Of Ageing

Injectable Alternatives: Anti-Ageing Treatments For The Face

It’s been almost two decades since anti-wrinkle injectable treatments have been approved for cosmetic use and hailed as anti-ageing wonder treatments. However, in today’s world more and more people are looking for effective anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments that don’t require the use of injectables.

Here, we reveal the best non-surgical anti-ageing cosmetic treatments that will smooth wrinkles and give you a more youthful complexion – sans needles!

As we age, our cells produce less collagen and our skin loses its firmness. This, coupled with increased sun exposure (photo-damage), stress, pollution and smoke, can further increase the breakdown of collagen and elastin over time, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and even sagging (volume loss).

At Elite Body Contouring we use a range of technologies to help lift, tighten, and smooth the skin on the face, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. Our skin tightening and facelift treatments don’t require surgery so there’s no pain or downtime.

Instead, we use various techniques and targeted energy to heat the deeper layers of skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Depending on your skin type and your individual needs and goals, we can recommend which treatment below is best for you.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Advancements in technology have enabled the introduction of safe, gentle and non-invasive treatments that can help stimulate collagen production and smooth lines on our face, neck and décolletage.

One of those is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. At Elite Body Contouring, we use the most advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening technology, PowerShape™, to penetrate the skin’s layers and heat the tissue.

This process, which is often described as feeling similar to a warm stone massage, causes collagen fibres to contract and stimulates production of new collagen.
It’s clinically proven to firm, plump and lift the skin on the face, particularly around the jawline and jowls. It can also help improve the skin’s texture and tone, and smooth crow’s feet (lines around the eyes) and laugh lines (nasolabial folds) around the mouth. A treatment is completed in about an hour.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Non-Surgical Facelift

Similar to RF Skin Tightening, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Non-Surgical Facelift is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment which instead uses HIFU technology to deliver heat energy to the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This procedure helps to rejuvenate, contour and tighten the skin on the face, neck and décolletage, in as little as one-to-two sessions.

We use the ULTRAcel Q+ which can penetrate the skin more deeply than many other treatments, including Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Radio Frequency and Fractional Laser.

Patients often see immediate results following their treatment, and many patients continue to experience a more contoured look for up to 18-months post treatment.

If you are looking for an effective anti-ageing treatment but without the surgery, pain, or downtime, this could be the best procedure for you.

To find out more information on our anti-ageing facial treatments, organise a free consultation or book your treatment today!