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  • 28 February 2020
Fat Burning with LIPOcel Body Sculpting

LIPOcel is a new machine that uses the magic powers of the heating technology HIFU…

  • 25 February 2020
Freeze those unwanted fat trouble spots

Achieving spot fat reduction was once considered about as likely as winning a billion-dollar lottery…

  • 25 February 2020
The Morning Show Features Elite Body Contouring

Segment: Reduce stubborn fat, reduce cellulite and improve skin tone.

  • 25 February 2020
The Today Show Feartures Elite Body Contouring

Segment: Discover the latest treatment on the market delivering permanent fat reduction

  • 25 February 2020
Beauty Profile: ELite Body Contouring

Elite Body Contouring are changing the game as Sydney’s leading body contouring specialists…

  • 25 February 2020
Cosmetic Gains…Without Pain

Georgie Gordon road tests non-invasive and non-surgical procedures…

  • 25 February 2020
How to Get Your Summer Glow On

Tried & Tested: LIPOcel Body Sculpting delivers pain-free results…

  • 25 February 2020
Tempted to tweak? Here’s our guide

What was once hush-hush is now becoming the new beauty norm — and the statistics are eye-opening…

  • 25 February 2020
Beauty Review 101** LIPOcel at Elite Body Contouring

Cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more common among Australians…